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VISION 2023: What if South Florida became known as the best place to live, work, and raise a family?



Upcoming Events

These events are organized by our partner churches and organizations and directly impact Vision 2023. Join us!

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July 28
Pain ≠ Suicide

Whether it’s the Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting, hurricanes or more recent tragedy at Stoneman Douglas, our community has been through a lot of pain. However, pain does not have to equal suicide. Students, parents, teachers, youth workers and anyone who is struggling with thoughts of ending your own life, you are invited to join attempted suicide survivor Kristen Jane Anderson on Sunday, July 28th as she shares how laying down across train tracks eventually led her to discover lasting hope and purpose for living.

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August 28
Palm Beach Church United Gathering

Join us for a time of fellowship, worship, and a message that will bring encouragement, vision and hope to the Church United in our region. All pastors, staff members, and ministry organizations are invited.

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August 29
Broward Church United Gathering

For this Gathering we’ve invited national best-selling author and speaker Jordan Raynor as our keynote . For over a decade, Jordan has helped more than 1,000,000 Christ-followers connect their faith with their work as he’s lended his voice to influencing mediums like Harvard and TedTalks. We’re thrilled to welcome him as he helps us as pastors and ministry leaders better equip, mobilize and send our people out to their communities as agents of faith, hope and love. All pastors, staff members, and ministry leaders are invited.


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